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 Welcome to Isadoln - What we are all about

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PostSubject: Welcome to Isadoln - What we are all about   Sun May 05, 2013 4:28 pm


Isadoln is, first and foremost, a free play-by-post Forum Roleplaying Website. We encourage you to create your own characters, collaborate in plot driven stories, and to play out those storylines in fun and engaging roleplays. We invite storytellers, creative minds, world builders, writers, readers, and roleplayers to join our dedicated community.

Isadoln is also a fantastical world, imagined and created by it's members as a place to base their roleplays off of. It provides structure, foundation, and imagery for a unified, roleplaying experience. The fundamental idea behind everything you see is to create a character and write about their life. Someone else replies back to your posts with their own character's perspective, and together, the story evolves forward.

The word 'Isadoln' is the name of the known world.

We are in the beginning stages of creating the Isadoln backbone. There is a lot taking place behind the scenes; such as finishing up the world map, testing core concepts, writing up key articles/messages, and providing a fleshed out world. We ask for everyone's patience as these things are worked through. There is not much to look at right now, but our founders are devoted to seeing it through.

In the end we hope to provide a fleshed-out, fantastical world where you can delve down many adventurous paths, all the while building up the skills and lives of your characters. Much like the current status of this website, Isadoln will be a world where not even the sky is a limit for your character's dreams. Wherever your heart desires, you have the possibility of achieving it. However in this world, which is trying to claw its way out of dark ages, there are many dangers and perilous choices that may spell out the end of your character's journey. Yes, you heard me, your character can die. So if your sights are bent on becoming the Ruler of a mighty kingdom who challenges even the God Dragons themselves, you will have to work hard and tread with care to get there. On the flip side, if creating a wickedly dark creature who terrorizes villages

We will have an ingame economy that regulates inventory items and provides a chance for characters to choose professions and earn income. We will have a world
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Welcome to Isadoln - What we are all about
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