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 Isadoln Definitions/Meanings

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PostSubject: Isadoln Definitions/Meanings   Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:56 pm

CS - Is an abbreviation for 'Character Sheet'. See 'Character Sheet' for more information.

Character Sheet - Is a thread dedicated to the life of your character. Everything from your character's physical description, history, quirks and temperaments, to money account, links of accountability, weapon/skill stats, and records of your home/belongings are recorded in a Character Sheet.

Establishment - Requires 4 homes minimum within a short walking distance from one another. Requires a Mayor. Are officially recognized by Isadoln House as either a hamlet, village, town, or city depending on population size. After 6 months of being an active Establishment it will be marked on the world map.

Home in an Establishment - Any Home that is within a day's ride on horseback from an Establishment. Requires Citizenship of that Establishment. Requires trek-post only if your character is traveling outside the 24 hour boundary of his/her home establishment.

Home in the Wild- Any Home that is more than a day's ride on horseback from an Establishment. Does not require any Citizenship. Always require trek-posts.

IC - Is an abbreviation for 'In-Character'. Refers to when the created character of a person is speaking rather than the player (person sitting behind the computer).

Isa's, or I.50 - Isa is the word used to describe Isadoln's coin currency. The [I] in I.50 stands for Isa and the [50] stands for the amount.

Item Sizes - Item sizes refer to how large an item would be in the game. This needs to be considered when managing your inventory. The Item scale follows as such:
Quote :
Item size A - anything small enough to fit into a pocket.
Item size B - anything too big for a pocket but small enough to fit into a medium sized chest.
Item size C - anything too big for a medium size chest but small enough to fit into a barrel.
Item size D - anything too big for a barrel but small enough to fit into a room.
Item size E - anything that belongs outdoors, such as a cart or a wagon.

OOC - Is an abbreviation for 'Out-Of-Character'. Refers to when the player (person sitting behind the computer) is speaking instead of their created character.

Trekking - Trekking your character's movements are roleplay posts/threads which detail your character's trek from one point on the map to another if they will be traveling for 24 hours or more, usually for supplies. Please state at the top of your post/thread the appropriate time-frame it will take for your character to reach his/her destination. No matter if it will take 24 hours or 98 days to reach your destination, you must wait at least 24 RL hours after your Trek Post before roleplaying the arrival to your destination. This gives an allotted time for your character to fall into adventure/trouble on the traveling road with creatures, thieves, bandits, etc. Which means that any player of the game can surprise and impose upon your thread within the 24 hour allotted time to have an interaction with you. It is acceptable to create a thread titled, for example, 'Creator's Treks' to record all treks and keep things tidy.
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Isadoln Definitions/Meanings
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