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 Yellow Savanna Grass - The Savanna Grass of Estaris

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PostSubject: Yellow Savanna Grass - The Savanna Grass of Estaris   Mon May 06, 2013 9:14 pm


Yellow Savanna Grass
aka. Yellow Rain
aka. Elimus Cernirus

Because Estaris is predominately a wet land the savanna grass grows tall and healthy. In favorable conditions the grass can grow as fast as 2.5 centimeters a day. This type of grass thrives in both the dry and wet seasons of the Arcunur Plains, as well as in scattered regions of the Little Savannah. It can grow anywhere between 3 feet and 5 feet 3 inches tall.

To the ____ people it is known as 'Yellow Rain.' In their culture, it is said that the husband of Eshrya went to battle. Eshrya spent her days and nights waiting for his return but it never happened. In heartbroken grief she began to loose her golden hair which fell from her head and took root in the soil. Today, when the wind blows and rustles the grass it sounds like rain. Or as the _____ people will say, it sounds like Eshrya's tears hitting the earth.

'Elimus Cernirus' is it's scientific name, identified and categorized by the Wizard Dynfran Gustoph. Documented in the book 'Conglomeration of Studies' found in the royal library of Japivul.
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Yellow Savanna Grass - The Savanna Grass of Estaris
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