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 Forum Rank Descriptions

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PostSubject: Forum Rank Descriptions   Forum Rank Descriptions EmptyFri Dec 20, 2013 4:08 pm

An Overview of the Forum Ranks

God Dragon - Admins of the game - game creators, rule makers, forum modification, moderators.

The Original Dragons of Isadoln. These dragons are very few in number and spend most of their days hiding. The whole of Isadoln's magic seem to originate from them. It is believed they can materialize as either in the spirit realm or in the physical realm, in any shape or form.

Forum Rank Descriptions Sucjnfn35q4vpochlw4t

Drake - Moderators of the game - rule enforcers, game overseers, forum stabilizers, mediators.  

Winged dragons on four feet, smaller in size by half compared to the God Dragons. They are able to tap into the magic of Isadoln and are known to change their appearance into that of a human; very physically real in either form. Drakes are known to adopt an element as their personification (ex. fire, ice, wind, rock, nature, lightening). In the game they are not required to Trek Posts.

Forum Rank Descriptions Sucjnfn35q4vpochlw4t

Isadoln House - Game Overseer - catering to a specific function of the game.

Isadoln House is located in the Palace of Estaris. Players, in the guise of their character, oversee certain functions of the game in order to keep things in working order. They have the support of the Drakes and are the backbone of Isadoln's community.

Forum Rank Descriptions Sucjnfn35q4vpochlw4t

Spirit - Player - playing a character who has the ability to imprint special blessings or curses upon other characters, and gift enchants.

Spirits do not exist in the physical realm nor can they die (unless the player has gone inactive), but they can enter the physical realm for brief moments of time. They always appear as a type of Eastern Dragon with the body of a snake, horns, tiger paws, eagle claws, and four legs. Although they do not have wings they can fly. Each Spirit adopts a characteristic Origin (ex. love, lust, greed, gentleness, hate, fury) of which they possess Powers associated. These powers can be imprinted upon other players in the game or crafted into enchants. Because Spirits are something that the people of Isadoln can relate to they often become the Gods of the land. It is not unheard of to have a temple constructed, or a religion started, in honor of a certain Spirit or groups of Spirits. And because Spirits love praises they often humor such attention and reward their faithful followers. They used to be mortals at one time who were transfigured into the eastern-type dragon when their spirits were immortalized by the God Dragons. Their powers come from the magic of the Original Dragons, as does their continual existence. It is possible to challenge a Spirit in a dual, where a Spirit can become beaten but not dead. However the same does not fall for the mortal where death remains as a possible outcome in such duals. Spirits live in the spirit-realm and have no personal dwelling on the land, however they can often 'hover' or 'hang-out' in a certain spot.

Forum Rank Descriptions Sucjnfn35q4vpochlw4t

Champion - Player - playing a character who has won the Estaris Arena.

Champions have been honorably recognized by the God Dragons and have been given immortality. Although they can be beaten in a battle and experience death they will be resurrected once again. The name 'champion' comes from the idea that they have been proven unbeatable against the best and that they are the Chosen of the Twin Queens, or Queen's Champion. Upon winning the Arena in Estaris they were not only granted immortality by the God Dragons, but were given a series of other gifts as well from the Queens or Dragons. These gifts can be anything from grand Manors, to esteemed pets, to the razing of any choice establishment, to the implementation of any choice concept into the game, to the gifting of any buildings for any choice establishment, and to the gifting of soldiers or fortifications to any choice establishment.

Forum Rank Descriptions Sucjnfn35q4vpochlw4t

Mayor - Player - playing a character who is the leader of an Establishment in Isadoln.

The leader of an Establishment is called a Mayor, or Lord/Lady. These characters are usually the ones who have founded the establishment and maintain its direction. They create the rules of the establishment and dictate who has citizenship or not. There are many types of Mayors with many types of agendas in the game. After three months of an establishment's in-game activity it will be marked on the map. Mayors can loose their establishments by inactivity, battle, razing, or by any other numerous means.
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Forum Rank Descriptions
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