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PostSubject: Migdol   Migdol EmptyThu May 01, 2014 7:33 pm

Migdols are creatures of the Isadoln Savannah regions. They have been a part of the known world since the beginning of time.

Description - In all likeness, Migdols have the ears of a Greater Horseshoe Bat, the face of a Bulldog, the body and tail of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the wings of a Bat and the skin texture of an elephant. Adults can grow to be as large as an elephant, about 13 feet tall. Normally they have a leathery, ash-colored skin that is very dexterous and wrinkled. There is a smaller sub-species of the Migdol with pale skin, but these are very rare; once thought to be albino, but later proven to be an entirely new branch in the family. Their ears are sensitive to sounds, and functions as their primary sensory. They have beady black eyes and the short snout of a bulldog rendering them near helpless in sight and smell. They have only two, thick hind feet with the grasp and claws of a dragon. The whip-like tail counterbalances their hardy, barreled chest. This tail also functions as an anchor while perched, which they have a habit of wrapping around things.

Temperament -

Diet -

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