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PostSubject: Tyardis   Tyardis EmptyWed Dec 11, 2013 2:09 pm

Tyardis – Are a winged humanoid that seem to cross between an eagle and a human. They stick to the mountainous regions or dense woods and stake their homes along the scattered Spire Islands. This all-female race is known to hunt and eat anything that breathes life. Driven by the instincts of a wild beast they possess dutiful responsibilities towards maintaining territory and a strong need to immediately set-up social hierarchies with anyone they choose to affiliate with. Although their origins are unknown, they are considered as an original race of Isadoln. These winged females are a people unto their own with no respect for kingdom borders or rules.

History – Evidence of the Tyardis race are found in all corners of Isadoln, clearly a sign that this all-female race was either a very numerous people or that they have had nomadic roots. Because of this, they are recognized as an original race today and are not expected to carry an establishment's citizenship.

Very little is known about their beginnings. Tyardis are a people who ‘live in the moment’ and keep no written record or passing of stories about their past. They are close-knit families (or ‘broods’) that rarely allow an outsider in to learn or observe their ways. What mainstream understands about this race comes from written accounts and documents found in the kingdom's libraries. Mostly, history has written them as a beast of the woods as cunning as any human. They are found in old tales as winged nightmares of the night. One journalist of Kipnor declared them as the terrible minions of the spirit Wind who are sent to dishevel the roofs off farm houses and kidnap children. Yet on the other hand a royal declaration of thanks was issued by a late Mayor of Isadoln who owed the life of his daughter to a Tyardis who spirited the girl away from danger and delivered her unharmed. Various recorded accounts dot the pages of books detailing similar encounters, alliances, battles, and even love affairs with these mysterious winged-females that leave people today unclear as to if they are overtly evil or good.

(WIP - to be continued)
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